School Site Council

A message from our Site Council Facilitator:
Welcome to White Elementary Site Council. We do have a call to the audience on some of our meetings and this is an opportunity for you to speak about any issue you may have about the agenda or our school in general. We do follow Robert’s Rule when conducting the meeting so as a council we may not respond directly to you about your issue, but we will discuss as a council at a later time. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you, 
Mr. Garcia
Site Council Facilitator
Mrs. Creasy-Principal
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Sra. Maytorena-Asst. Principal
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Mrs. Arriaga-Teacher
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Mrs. Espinosa-Teacher
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Mr. Garcia- Teacher
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Mrs. Martinez- Office Manager
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Mrs. Orantez- CSP
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Srta. Molina- Teacher
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Mrs. Solano- Parent

Site Council Meeting
Site Council Meeting
Site Council Meeting
Site Council Meeting
Site Council Meeting
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