Parent Teacher Club

Our Goals.
  • Build a strong foundation of parent volunteers
  • Open communication between the parents & the school
  • Support our extracurricular activities such as Basketball, Mariachi and Folklórico 
  • Encourage parent participation by funding cafecito or coffee break 
  • Pay for field trips for grade levels Kindergarten - 5th grade 
Volunteers needed for…
  • Fundraisers
  • Movie Nights
  • Luau 
  • Book Fair 
  • Jump- A -Thon
  • Holiday Events
  • Mariachi Events 
  • Canned Food Drive 

Our organization has funded:

Buses for field trips
Classroom supplies
Basketball fees & uniforms
Sponsored theater productions
Boo at the Zoo
Holiday decor
Teacher appreciation lunch
Book fair material
Awards for student achievements
Fundraiser prizes
Science fair fees
Mr. Ruiz
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Asst. Principal
Mrs. Maytorena
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Mrs. Bacahui 
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Vice President
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Mrs. Mendibles 
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Mrs. Quintero 
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The name of the council is Bulldog Parent/Teacher Group (hereafter referred to as the BPTG.
2.1 Support and create unity of practice and direction, which relate to the best interest of our student’s education.
2.2 Provide a communication system that will provide information and encourage participation.
2.3 To help develop strong leadership skills among our parents in order to support the educational needs of our students.
2.4 Recognize positive efforts by students, parents and teachers on a regular and consistent manner.
3.1 BPTG shall be a non profit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan organization.
3.2 BPTG shall not enter into membership with other organizations.
3.3 No part of the net earning of BPTG shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its members, directors, trustees, officers or other private persons, except that the BPTG shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation from services rendered. All moneys paid out to such person shall support the purpose of BPTG, and in turn benefit the school.
3.4 Upon the dissolution of the BPTG, after paying all debts and obligations, the remaining assets shall be donated to the White Student Council Fund.
3.5 The BPTG shall keep permanent books of accounts and records, and accounts shall be sufficient to establish the items gross income, receipts and disbursement of the organization. Such books of accounts and records shall be, at all reasonable times, open to inspection by the members of the BPTG.
3.6 Requests for funds shall meet the following criteria: That the request for funds meets the majority of students needs at school. When funds are provided, they must be either for the entire school, and entire grade level or at least one class from each grade level must be represented in the funding. The BPTG reserves the right to limit funding per grade level to promote fairness. Classroom funds will be issued on a semester to semester basis (Section 6.5)
3.7 The BPTG will not issue loans to person(s), staff or organizations for any reason.
4.1 Membership
4.1 Membership is open to all parents, guardians, teachers, staff, and students of White Elementary School.
4.1.1 Each member of the BPTG shall be eligible to serve in any of the elective or appointed positions.
4.1.2 Each member has the right to vote, but must be present at the meeting when voting occurs.
4.1.3 The Executive Board Members (officers) have the right to vote via the Internet or phone between meetings when needed.
4.1.4 The Executive Board will appoint a Sponsorship Chairperson and an SCPC Representative. These representatives will be asked to serve for a period of one year.
4.1.5 Each member of the BPTG shall pay no annual dues.

4.2 Officer Selection Process
4.2.1 Each officer of the BPTG shall be an Executive Board Member.
4.2.2 The Executive Board shall consist of:
1. Facilitator
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Correspondence Chairperson
5. Fundraising Chairperson
6. Teacher Liaison
4.2.3 Board members shall be voted yearly into office during the month of April for the upcoming school year. Announcements for the upcoming elections shall be posted, distributed and open to any qualifying member(as explained in 4.1 section above) at least one month prior to said meeting.

4.3 Terms of Office
4.3.1 Officers shall assume their duties following the close of each school year (May) and shall serve their elected terms for a period of one year or until a successor(s) is/are elected
4.3.2 An officer may serve as a member of the Executive Board for any number of terms provided they have been voted back into office at the close of each school year, with a majority vote from all present members.
4.3.3 An officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Executive Board. Unless otherwise specified in such written notice, the resignation shall take effect upon receipt of the notice.
4.3.4 Should a vacancy in the Executive Board occur midterm, the Executive Board would ask a volunteer to fill the position for the remainder of the school year. Normal election process (section 4.2.3) will be used to fill the vacancy for the new school year.
5.1.1 Shall preside at all meetings of the BPTG
5.1.2 Will also be responsible for creating, posting/forwarding an agenda to be distributed at the beginning of the general meeting.
5.1.3 Can appoint someone in his/her place in the event of an absence.
5.1.4 Shall have a current copy of the Bylaws.
5.1.5 Shall be responsible for arranging speakers at BPTG meetings.

5.2.1 Shall record the minutes of all meetings, including attendance roster at all meetings.
5.2.2 Shall make available the minutes to all faculty, stall, student council and parents.
5.2.3 Shall also coordinate the volunteers for the BPTG.
5.2.4 Shall have a current copy of the bylaws of the BPTG

5.3.1 Shall have the custody of all funds.
5.3.2 Shall keep full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures.
5.3.3 Shall make disbursements as authorized by the Executive Board.
5.3.4 Shall sign the checks or have check signed by an alternate authorized signer.
5.3.5 Shall present a financial statement at every meeting and at other times as may be requested by the Executive Board.
5.3.6 Shall be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as conform to the requirements of Part 3.5 of these Bylaws
5.3.7 Shall submit the records annually, upon resignation, or request of the Executive Board.

5.4.1 Shall be responsible for any newsletters. fliers, and any communication between parents, teachers, staff and the BPTG.
5.4.2 Shall act as primary liaison between the community and school.

5.5.1 Shall be responsible for organizing fundraising activities.
5.5.2 Shall be responsible for correspondence with vendors associated with fundraising.
5.5.3 Will work with the treasurer in tracking all moneys to and from vendors associated with fundraising.
5.5.4 Shall arrange for BPTG members to help assist in collection, delivery and counting of all fundraising orders and moneys.

5.6.1 The teacher liaison shall represent the teacher’s interest on the BPTG Executive Board. This does not preclude teachers from representing their own interests and expressing their own concerns.
6.1.1 The committee will reach decisions by a simple majority vote of attending members.
6.1.2 Voting may NOT be done by proxy. You must attend the meeting in order to cast a vote.
6.1.3 Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law and all other state laws.
6.1.4 All activities, schedules and programs must be approved by the Principal.

6.2.1 The BPTG will hold regular meeting at least once a month.
6.2.2 The calendar of meetings shall be formulated at the beginning of the school year. The date, hour and place for each regular meeting shall be fixed annually by resolution of the BPTG.
6.2.3 The members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any meeting.
6.2.4 An Executive Decision may be made by telephone or e-mail with a majority vote deciding the outcome.

6.3.1 The Facilitator will create an agenda to be distributed at the general meeting. Any member of staff, faculty, parents or community may sign up to speak prior to the posting of the agenda. The agenda will be posted in the office the Friday before each Meeting.
6.3.2 The minutes will be recorded by the secretary and made available to all faculty, staff, student council, parents and students. The minutes from each meeting will be e-mailed to the staff and posted in the office.

6.4.1 No moneys will be taken out of the fundraiser to pay for volunteer lunches working said fundraisers
6.4.2 The Fundraising Chairperson(s) in charge of the fundraiser must oversee every important aspect of the event.
6.4.3 If the Executive Board wishes to have more than one fundraiser a year, they may do so by majority vote only.

6.5.1 Classroom Funds (Teacher $100.00 checks) will be issued on a semester to semester basis and voted on at BPTG meetings, Voting for the First Semester’s Funds will take place at the last meeting of the year (usually April.) Voting for Second Semester’s Funds will take place in November. Please note that if you choose to spend money, there is a chance we may not be able to reimburse you.
6.5.2 All receipts for Semester 1 must be turned in by Nov. 1st of the current school year or you forfeit your right to future funds.
6.5.3 All receipts for Semester 2 must be turned in by April 1st of the current school year or you forfeit your right to future funds.
6.5.4 All Classroom funds must be educational materials, supplies, etc. (No receipts for pizza, candy or snacks will be accepted.)
6.5.5 All receipts must be dated, clear as to what the item(s) were and the receipts must be turned in and dated for the appropriate semester of use.
PTO AGENDA 1/14/2022
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