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Library Assistant
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Check-out Procedures
Grades K-1 may check out one book for two weeks.

Grades 2-5 and parents may check out two books for two weeks and up to an additional two books if they are for a school project.

All books must be turned in a week before the end of the semester, or the student's future check-outs will be restricted. Students will also be restricted if they have an overdue or damaged book.

When you check out a book, check for damages and let Ms. Leon know by the next day so you won't be held responsible for the damage.
Damaged or Lost Books
If a book is lost or damaged, please pay for it promptly so it can be replaced.

Do not attempt to repair a book. If it can be repaired by us, you will not have to pay for it.
Library Rules
You may get a drink, but may not go behind the drinking fountain.

After you check out your books, you may sit on the couch.

No running, chewing gum, eating snacks or loud talking in the library.

Ask Ms. Leon if you want a special drawing, scary story or dragon book from the shelf behind the desk.
Library Helpers
Students in 4th and 5th grades may take an alphabetical order test to qualify to become a library helper. 90% accuracy is required.

Library Helpers are expected to volunteer in the library, mainly putting away books, for 20-30 minutes per week. This must be on their own time, not during class time.
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